400 Films about Higher Education (or at Least Set on Campuses): 151-200


Cultural Representations of Higher Ed, No. 5

I am working backwards through this list. Here are films 151 to 200.

The rankings are my own and in most cases somewhat arbitrary. The descriptions of the films are paraphrases of summaries found in a half-dozen print and online film guides. I compiled the list about a decade ago, and it needs some updating.


151. Meet Nero Wolfe: Wolfe and Archie Goodwin investigate the death of a college president.

152. Murder Goes to College: a p.i. and a reporter try to solve a murder on a college campus.

153. Torso: police investigate the mutilation-murders of two college students.

154. Murder 101: in this made-for-television film, Pierce Brosnan is a professor whose class brainstorms the perfect murder–a crime for which he is subsequently the chief suspect.

155. Grand Slam: a college student becomes involved in an elaborate heist.

156. American Tiger: a…

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