Administrative Bloat–with Ohio’s Public Universities Providing the Illustration


From 1993 to 2007, enrollment increased at U.S. institutions by 14.5%. Over that same period, the number of administrators per 100 students increased by 39%, while the number of instructional personnel per 100 students increased by17.6%, or less than half the rate of increase for administrative positions. These percentages are reflected in increases in the relative costs per student related to administration and instruction. Between 1993 and 2007, instructional costs per student increased by 39%, while, over that same period, administrative costs per student increased by 66%.

Although the increases in the compensation by college and university presidents represent a neglible percentage of their institutions’ budgets, they have received a considerable amount of media attention and they do reflect the broader increases in the number of administrators and the compensation received by administrators.

I am focusing on the compensation received by presidents of Ohio’s public universities because that is the…

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