CFHE Statement on California Senate Bill 520


The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education, a national grass-roots coalition of faculty and staff higher education organizations, is deeply concerned about California Senate Bill 520 and what it could mean, if adopted, for the future of public higher education in California.

A well-intended but misguided effort to restore access that has been lost as a result of slashed funding for California’s public colleges and universities, this bill would hand off up to 50 courses in California’s public colleges and universities to for-profit online education providers.

It is rife with unintended consequences and would, if passed, take the state even further along the road toward dismantling its public higher education system.

For instance, the bill fatally undermines the central bulwark of quality in higher education—the role of faculty with disciplinary expertise in developing curricula, determining appropriate formats of instruction, and ensuring quality.  Handing off quality control to for-profit providers…

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