Please Sign Petitions Supporting the Voting Rights of College Students in Ohio and North Carolina


Recently, I wrote a post titled “Suppress the vote, 2013-2014—on Campus” (

In the post, I describe the efforts of the Republican majorities in the North Carolina and the Ohio legislature to create penalties that will effectively reduce the numbers of college students voting in both states.

In North Carolina, parents will now lose the deduction for their children who are college students and vote in the districts in which they are living while attending school.

In Ohio, where colleges and universities have long provided out-of-state students with documents attesting to their Ohio residency while students, and have done so in accordance with the directives on the state site describing the ways in which a voter can document residency, colleges and universities that provide such documentation will now be forced to charge such students the in-state tuition rate. It should be noted that out-of-state students who are living…

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