The Deepening Caste System in Higher Education—Addendum 1


This is actually a follow-up to two of my previous posts, “The Deepening Caste System in Higher Education” and “The Business Model for Higher Education.”

In the first of those two posts, I describe the sweet deal that Richard Herman, the former president of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, received after he was forced to resign because of a politically charged admissions scandal and then assumed a faculty position.

The second of those posts is actually a re-post from the CFHE “On the Issues” blog, which presents a comment on the institutional justifications for Gordon Gee’s extraordinarily high compensation and extraordinarily liberal expense accounts as the president of Ohio State University. Indeed, those justifications have continued to be presented to the media even after he has been forced to resign from the presidency of OSU because of a series of inappropriate jokes that he made “off the record” but…

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