The Humanities Are the Rodney Dangerfield of Disciplines


This past weekend, I read a few reflections on the meaning of Father’s Day, though the holiday did not occasion anywhere close to as many reflections as were published on either Mother’s Day or Memorial Day. Perhaps the three holidays simply fall too close to each other on the calendar for op-ed writers to keep mustering heartfelt sentiments all the way through Father’s Day. Still, one can’t help but notice that, especially compared to the number and variety of greeting cards provided for sale ahead of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is almost an afterthought. Those Father’s Day cards that are available are largely humorous, and very few of the cards suggest that fathers are stereotypically sensitive or reflective. To illustrate, I am providing a scan of the card that my son gave to me on Father’s Day:

Father's Day Card 1Father's Day Card 2

Among this year’s op-eds on Father’s Day, one of the best is Georgia…

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