Whom Do We Disgrace with Our Honors?


As the clock ticks closer (if clocks can, in fact, still be said to tick) to Lance Armstrong’s confessional interview with Oprah, it’s worth noting that as the Union Cycliste Internationale used the findings of the United State Anti-Doping Agency to strip Armstrong of all of his cycling titles, including his record seven Tour de France wins, higher education, in its own small way, joined in the condemnation and ostracism of the athlete who made Americans identify cycling as a sport by completely dominating the sport’s signature event as a survivor of testicular cancer. In mid-November of this past year, Tufts University rescinded the honorary doctorate that it had awarded to Armstrong in 2006, with a university spokesperson asserting that, in the opinion of the university’s board of trustees, Armstrong’s “actions as an athlete are inconsistent with the values of the university.”

There are a number of things about this…

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