A Corporate Appraisal of MOOCs


In June, Moody’s released a report on the likely impact of MOOCs on the credit ratings of American colleges and universities. The headline in the relatively brief article on the report in the Chronicle of Higher Education, “Moody’s Says MOOCs Could Raise a University’s Credit Rating,” was, I think, rather misleading. For I think that it suggests to a casual reader that all of the hand-wringing over the unthinking adoption of MOOCs as an alternative to conventional classroom instruction, and even to pedagogically more complex online instruction, is largely unwarranted—that adopting MOOCs will likely, if not unequivocally, have a positive impact on a college’s or university’s financial condition.

But, as anyone who has actually bothered to read beyond the title and first paragraph of the article has likely grasped, it turns out that even Moody’s recognizes the truth about MOOCs.

What the Moody’s report very clearly indicates is that…

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