Amateur Detectives Featured in Mystery Novels and Series Who Are College and University Administrators, Staff, and Students


Cultural Representations of Higher Ed, No. 11

College and University Administrators:

Anne Packer-Brown, a dean (created by Virginia Crosby);

Grace Forrester, a retired dean (created by Ruth Galbraith);

Peter Haas (created by Robin Wilson);

Isabel Macintosh, a dean of the faculty (created by Herbert Resnicow);

Jack Troutbeck, a president of a women’s college (created by Ruth Dudley Edwards);

Francesca Wilson, a bursar (created by Janet Neel).

College and University Staff:

Edward George, a retired librarian (created by Charles Goodrum);

Susan Meredith, a Director of Affirmative Action (created by R.D. Brown);

Peggy O’Neill, a campus police officer (created by M.D. Lake).

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