Far-Right Humor and Irony on Campus


With all of the attention being paid to “Leftist” professors using class time, university e-mail, or even social media to “force their ideology” on their students, it is hard (for me, at least) to pass up the opportunity to cite Far-Right abuses of political expression on campus.

The Young Conservatives of Texas, a student group at the University of Texas at Austin and, I assume, elsewhere, has recently courted controversy by sponsoring a “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Contest” on the campus. Students from the group will be wearing labels on their clothing that identify them as illegal immigrants. Other students who pull off those labels and bring them to a designated location on campus will receive $25 gift cards.

The Young Conservatives of Texas have explained the purpose of this contest in this way: “The purpose of this event is to spark a campus-wide discussion about the issue of illegal…

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