Is This a New Trend, the New Revolving Door?


Critics of our current political system have frequently complained about the “revolving door” through which former legislators and other government officials pass on their way to K Street—to earning riches as lobbyists. But there are some indications that another revolving door may be opening, to the presidential mansions on university campuses.

Three U.S. presidents served as presidents of universities before serving as the nation’s chief executive. The most commonly known member of this group is probably Woodrow Wilson, who was the president of Princeton University before being elected governor of New Jersey and then president of the United States.  Those with a somewhat more extended knowledge of American history will know that James A. Garfield served as the “principal” of the Eclectic Institute, which later became Hiram College, before he rose through the ranks in the Union army during the Civil War, was elected to the first of seven congressional…

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