Kenyon College Students Dress Up as Ghosts, Look like Klansmen, and Issue Apology


If anything characterizes the current period, it may be that when prominent people behave badly, they typically issue apologies that, at best, come across as half-hearted. Either the regret being expressed is undercut by persistent notes of self-justification, or the apologies seem very calculated attempts to mitigate the personal consequences, rather than the public impact, of the offending behavior.

Against such a backdrop, this letter, written by several Kenyon College students to their campus community, seems singularly sincere and thoughtful. Indeed, since the offense that they felt necessitated the apology was completely unintentional, the apology stands out as a demonstration of a type of civility that has become a very rare commodity in our public discourse.


Dear Kenyon Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administration:

Two nights ago, we put white sheets with painted black eyes over our heads and walked around campus. Our idea, born of Kenyon bucket-list fancy, was…

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