MOOC Skeptic’s Toolkit: Sample Letter #2, to an Alumnus/Alumna


The purpose of the letters in this toolkit is to provide material that can be edited to be sent to listserves, to be posted on blogs or to be shared on social media sites, and to be submitted as op-eds to campus or community newspapers.

Some of the letters may be too lengthy to be very practical or engaging. But they can be edited however a writer wishes: for instance, the detail can be reduced to emphasize the key points, or the writer can focus on one part to the exclusion of the rest.


Dear [Alumnus/Alumna]:

In order to graduate from college, most students now have to make a substantial personal investment in their educations. If you are like most people who have graduated over the last two decades, you have probably taken out student loans to cover at least a portion of your college costs, and you have…

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