Not a Whole Lot Better than the “N-Word” and in Many Ways a Whole Lot Worse


While Riley Cooper Was Getting Drilled, a College President Largely Got a Pass

Earlier this summer, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper became the unceasing focus of media attention because while he was attending a Kenny Chesney concert, he got into an altercation with an African-American security guard and used the “N-word.” The incident probably would have remained just another ugly little off-season episode involving an NFL player, overshadowed by the actual felonies committed by other NFL players, but the exchange was captured in a video that then went viral.

I have no desire to defend Cooper or anyone else for using racial or ethnic slurs. But the whole thing quickly assumed ridiculous proportions. Commentators worried whether Riley Cooper’s teammates’ would ever again “be able to forgive him or to trust him,” whether they would be able to “move beyond their feelings of bewilderment and betrayal.” ESPN started to become…

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