When a Trustee and Major Donor Becomes an Embarrassment


In late October, Federal prosecutors in El Paso, Texas, formally charged Marco Antonio Delgado with conspiring to launder $600 million in drug profits for the Mexican Milenio Cartel. Delgado was a prominent attorney and known in El Paso and beyond as a generous philanthropist.

The investigation that led authorities to Delgado began in 2007 when authorities arrested Victor Pimentel in Atlanta, Georgia, after they found him carrying $1 million on a “dry run” of the money-laundering scheme.

Pimentel agreed to cooperate with authorities, providing them with his communications with Delgado and others involved in the conspiracy, including Lilian De La Conta, the ex-wife of former Mexican President Vicente Fox.

Delgado’s attorney has insisted that his client was communicating with people in Mexico because they had sought his expertise in energy and international law, and his attorney has also emphasized that none of the communications include any references to drugs.

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