An Extended Addendum to John K. Wilson’s Post on the New Constraints on Faculty Use of Social Media in Kansas: Or, How Increasing Campus Censorship Has Caused Me to Question the Whole Premise of Duck Dynasty


At Wright State, we have “Garcetti language” in our contract, protecting criticism of the administration as an aspect of academic freedom. We don’t abuse this right, but if our administration endorsed the sort of policy just approved by the Kansas Board of Regents for the public universities across that state, we would lambaste them on campus and off.

But what makes what is going on in Kansas all the more egregious is, of course, that it actually has nothing to do with criticism of a university administration or university policies–or, in fact, with anything directly related to campus life. It is all in response to a political comment made by a faculty member in a tweet.

Yes, in a tweet–the rhetorical equivalent of a small burp or a mere whisper of a fart.

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