What We Think about Science and Scientists


Last year, Paul Broun, a congressman from Georgia, was the featured speaker at a Sportsman’s Banquet at a Baptist church. I’m not sure what the keynote speakers at those banquets usually talk about, but Broun used his time at the microphone to observe, infamously, that embryology, evolution, and the Big Bang Theory are “lies straight from the Pit of Hell.” Broun, a physician, is an advocate of Young Earth Creationism, the “science” that is based on the belief that the universe was created in six days and the Earth is 9,000 years old. He concluded his remarks on the blasphemous nature of modern science by asserting that Christian denominations that do not promote a literal reading of the Bible are “going to send their people to hell”–where, apparently, Satan delivers lectures on embryology, evolution, and astrophysics.

A footnote of more than passing interest is that, in a parallel to Rand…

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