Addendum to “Adjuncting for Dummies”


This “book” seems very analogous to the sections of the WalMart and McDonald’s websites that are devoted to “career opportunities” with those companies–as if any significant number of those in the corporate management have worked their way up from stocking shelves, working the cash registers, or putting together sandwiches.

Of course, adjunct faculty have invested so much more in their professional preparation than entry-level workers at big-box retailers or fast-food restaurants, that their broadly similar exploitation is all the more unjustifiable.

Indeed, all of the economic arguments presented to rationalize the exploitation of adjunct faculty are undercut by the ever more dramatic increases in executive salaries, the continuing expansion of administrative positions between the executive and dean levels, and the tremendous increases in administrative support staff. And all of those administrators need, more than anything else, to produce initiatives that justify their positions and salaries. When was the last time that…

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