College Students and Entrepreneurship, or the New Myth of the Self-Made College Graduate: Addendum 1


Very shortly after I made the original post, the following item was distributed by Business Insider. It demonstrates two things, I think. First, once a topic gets into today’s media loop, it starts showing up all over the place, in all sorts of not always very predictable ways.  And, second, this media focus will have an all-too-predictable distorting effect. For instance, the following article describes the benefits of a competition among students specifically enrolled in entrepreneurship programs. Yet, the title of the article suggests that the advice applies to all college students, regardless of major.

You may think that this is a ridiculous concern, but if this sort of story keeps circulating for another three to six months, mark my words, there will be legislative calls to support entrepreneurship opportunities at our institutions much as we now support service-learning programs. In fact, that sort of parallel to a worthwhile…

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