House Hearings on Intellectual Property and the Internet and the Issues Related to “Fair Use”: Part 4, Naomi Novik’s Testimony


Naomi Novik


January 28, 2014

I’d like to thank the House Judiciary Committee for inviting me to testify about fair use and its role in promoting creativity. I am not a lawyer, but as one of the creators and artists whose work is deeply affected by copyright law, I hope to explain how vital fair use is to preserving our freedom and enabling us to create new and more innovative work.

I urge Congress to not only preserve but strengthen fair use, to encourage still more innovation and creative work by more new artists. I would ask in particular that Congress consider improving protections for fair users, especially individual artists, who are threatened with lawsuits or DMCA takedowns.

I. Fair use is vital to developing artists and creative communities.

Today, I’m the author of ten novels including the New York Times bestselling Temeraire Series, which has been optioned for…

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