House Hearings on Intellectual Property and the Internet and the Issues Related to “Fair Use”: Part 5, Kurt Wimmer’s Testimony


Kurt Wimmer

General Counsel

Newspaper Association of America


January 28, 2014

Chairman Goodlatte, Chairman Coble, Ranking Member Conyers, and members of the Subcommittee, good afternoon and thank you for the opportunity to appear before you to discuss the scope of “fair use” under the Copyright Act. My name is Kurt Wimmer. I am privileged to serve as general counsel of the Newspaper Association of America, which represents the publishers of more than 2,000 newspapers in the United States and Canada, and I have practiced law in the technology and media industries for more than 25 years.

The news publishing industry recognizes that the professional reporting and writing that newspapers publish start important conversations in the communities we serve, and that this conversation often continues online—both on our digital platforms and those owned by others. Because newspaper content serves as a central catalyst for these crucial digital conversations, the “fair…

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