If You Go Far Enough to the Right, Do You Somehow End Up on the Left?


Thus far, the most vocal and sustained criticism of the Common Core Standards being relentlessly promoted by Arne Duncan and the other “reformers” in the Department of Education has come from Progressives—that is, President Obama’s own supporters. Of course, the objection is that the administration has wholly and enthusiastically embraced what was a Republican idea—for no apparent reason other than it was all too easy to do so and doing so would reinforce the notion that the President is trying very valiantly to be bipartisan with a Republican opposition that is very determined to be as partisan as possible. As a result, the teachers’ unions, which have very strongly supported the President in two elections, are being discounted—are very casually being thrown under the bus–for the sake of a completely empty talking point that is all the more pointless now that the President is term-limited.

It was, of course, entirely…

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