Sorority Banned from University of Connecticut Campus, in Part for Making Pledges “Sizzle like Bacon”


The Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority has been banned until 2017 from having a chapter on the University of Connecticut campus. It has been asked to vacate its on-campus house before the end of this month, by the end of this spring semester.

The revocation of the sorority’s campus operating charter came after a pledge had to be hospitalized after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol during a hazing incident at a fraternity’s off-campus house.

The University’s Director of Student Affairs has also cited two other aspects of the hazing that led to the revocation of the sorority’s charter.

Pledges were apparently compelled to behave “like animals,” though none of the news reports that I have managed to find and have read have specified what that element of the hazing specifically involved.

The pledges were also apparently asked to lie on the floor and wiggle as if they were bacon strips that…

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