The World from Inside the Far-Right Bubble: What Happened at an Anti-Abortion Demonstration at UC-Santa Barbara


Bill Maher often describes the Far-Right’s distorted perspective on the world as being inside the “bubble.”

Here is an illustration from a university campus of how an event can be treated as a significant story inside that “bubble” and not receive any notice elsewhere.

The Far Right media would argue that this dichotomy is just further evidence of how the “mainstream, liberal media” choose to ignore completely some very significant stories. But beyond the fact that the “mainstream media” and the “liberal media” are clearly distinct, it seems very clear that an event framed as a major story by one segment of the media and completely ignored by the rest of the media has much more partisan political interest than general news interest.

Here is the gist of the story. A pro-life group was holding a demonstration on the University of California-Santa Barbara. The centerpiece of the demonstration was apparently…

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