There May Be Nothing Inherently Wrong with It, But, Honestly, I Don’t See How #KUBOOBS Is Helpful


During the NCAA men’s basketball season, the Kansas Jayhawks were losing to their arch-rivals, the Missouri Tigers. Ostensibly to inspire the team, a female KU fan took a “selfie” of her considerable cleavage and posted it at #KUBOOBS.

The KUBOOBS website (so, yes, the tweet quickly became a website; who could have predicted that that would happen) recounts the effect of this selfless “selfie” in this way: “On a Saturday afternoon in a sports cathedral known as Allen Fieldhouse our beloved Kansas Jayhawks were facing certain defeat from the evil Missouri Tigers in a final battle for supremacy. Thousands of Jayhawk faithful watched helplessly as the border ruffians from Missouri sought to pillage and disgrace our beautiful cathedral. Far above the Golden Valley glorious to view, one woman had enough. She channeled the power inherent in all true Jayhawk fans to resurrect the Jayhawks from a 19-point deficit to a…

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