What’s Happened in Kosovo and What Is Happening Here


In Kosovo, students had been clashing with police for weeks, with dozens of police and students reportedly injured in the process. The students were intent on removing not just the head of Pristina University, the small country’s major university, but also a number of the faculty, after it became apparent that their academic credentials were fraudulent—that not only were their vitas were padded by articles published in “dubious” online journals but also that the research reported in those articles was completely fabricated.

The head of the university, Ibrahim Gashi, had been installed in his position by the country’s ruling coalition, and he had appointed the faculty whose credentials were also suspect. The country’s political leadership claimed that the demonstrations had been fomented, if not orchestrated, by the main opposition party—that the demonstrations had a political and economic, rather than a purely academic, purpose.

Kosovo remains one of the poorest nations…

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