Update from Northern New Mexico College


In its July 9 issue, the Albuquerque Journal-News reports that the administration at Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) is now complaining about being inundated with public-records requests. Written by T.S. Last, the article “NNMC Claims That It Is Overburdened by IPRA Requests” is available at: http://www.abqjournal.com/426873/abqnewsseeker/nnmc-claims-its-overburdened-by-ipra-requests.html. (IPRA apparently is the acronym for Inspection of Public Records Requests; so why it would not be IPRR is ambiguous to me.)

According to the administration of NNMC, it has received 30 such requests in the past month—for copies of e-mails and of personnel and budget records. The administration asserts that the requests represent a substantial burden on the institution’s already strained finances and overburdened personnel: specifically, fulfilling the requests will cost $15,000 in legal fees and consume 200 work hours of college employees, some of whom are typically employed at other tasks; the internal cost has been estimated at $8,000.

Although I…

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