Another Story about Sexual Abuse Related to Collegiate Athletics—This One Involving One of the Most Highly Regarded Marching Bands in the Nation


In response to a complaint by a parent, Ohio State University launched a two-month investigation of its nationally renowned marching band. That investigation led to the firing of band director, Jonathan Waters. Waters had served as band director since October 2012, but he had been an assistant band director for a decade previous to that.

Business Insider has provided a concise summary of the major findings of the investigation, which were initially reported in the Columbus Dispatch:

“Several of the marching band’s traditions stemmed from offensive, often sexualized, nicknames given to new ‘rookie’ members, according to the investigation. Nicknames given to rookies mentioned in the report include ‘Twinkle Dick,’ ‘Jizzy,’ and ‘Jewoobs’ (given to a Jewish student with large breasts).

“The report states that rookies would often learn tricks associated with their nicknames. Here are some examples:

–A female student sitting on laps and pretending to orgasm. This included…

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