Mixed Results in Organizing Adjunct Faculty at Private Universities in Minnesota


SEIU has been pursuing a regional strategy to organize adjunct faculty in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. The campaign is called Adjunct Action. Thus far, the results have been mixed.

In mid-June, adjunct faculty at Hamline University became the first adjuncts in Minnesota to form a collective bargaining unit, voting to unionize by a 72%-28% margin. Over the past academic year, 194 adjunct faculty taught at the university, which employs 184 full-time faculty. But to be eligible to vote, a faculty member had to have taught in the spring semester. Of the 83 eligible to vote, 64 cast ballots.

Around the successful election at Hamline, organizers at Macalester College decided to postpone a scheduled vote on unionization.

And most recently, the adjunct faculty at St. Thomas University voted by a large margin to reject unionization. Over the past academic year, about 460 full-time faculty and more than 600 adjunct faculty…

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