Asking Administrators to Do the Right Thing in the Midst of a Fiscal Crisis


The University of Alaska (UA) faces a $26M budget deficit. Jobs have been cut, departments are being downsized, and departing faculty are being replaced by adjuncts who earn poverty wages and receive no benefits. Student services have been slashed while student fees have increased. Public Radio programming has been axed, as has the University of Alaska Press in Fairbanks and the Alaska Quarterly Review in Anchorage. Routine maintenance has repeatedly been deferred. In July 2014, amidst this budget crisis, the UA Board of Regents decided to grant UA president Patrick Gamble a retention bonus of $320,000, to be awarded upon completion of his contract.

In response to this bonus, University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) parents, students, alumni, retired faculty, non-unionized UAF staff, and members of all university unions–United Academics-Adjuncts (6054), United Academics (4996), University of Alaska Federation of Teachers (2404), and Alaska Higher Education Crafts and Trades Employees (6070)–as well…

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