Is “Google Science” about to Transform the Publication of Scientific Papers, or Is It All an Elaborate Hoax?


Someone has disseminated what purports to be a portion of a presentation on Google’s progress in developing “Google Science,” an open-source platform for the publication of scientific papers that might radically transform not just the way in which the results of scientific research are disseminated but also the ways in which scientific research is conducted.

No one has confirmed the development of such a platform or identified the source of the e-mail.

In the British edition of Wired, Liat Clark provides a detailed analysis of whether the e-mail is more likely a hoax or a premature disclosure, but she is even more interested in gauging the actual potential that a platform such as Google Science might have:

“Whether the email received was the doing of an open-access proponent, a Google employee attempting to stir trouble, an academic who was genuinely presented with the article at a meeting, or…

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