Dear “Whining Adjuncts,” Just for the Record Even I Think That This Is Tone Deaf


Some time ago, Aaron Barlow wrote a post titled “To My Tenured Colleagues” in which he asked those with tenure to treat the adjunct faculty at their institutions as full and genuine colleagues. It was a great post, one which I fully endorsed. But it occasioned a veritable flood of complaints from adjunct faculty about their mistreatment by tenured faculty who were anything but committed to such collegiality.

I had no issue with the complaints per se, but I had just attended several meetings at which action items on adjunct issues never got addressed because the meetings became forums for such complaints. In a blog post titled “To My Adjunct Colleagues,” I tried to suggest that the tenured faculty meeting with adjunct faculty to address their issues are there precisely because they recognize the issues and want to address those issues, but they often begin to feel, instead, that…

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