When One News Story Clarifies Another (and Another)


Ohio State University has gotten national media attention for something other than Gordon Gee’s excessive compensation and the football team’s diminished prospects following quarterback Braxton Miller’s season-ending injury.

The university’s police department has recently acquired a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protection Vehicle through a program that distributes surplus military equipment and supplies not only to local police departments but also to campus police departments.

This is what a Mine-Resistant Ambush Vehicle looks like:


University spokespersons have offered various explanations for why this acquisition was necessary, but none of those explanations has been completely convincing.

In 2008, George Grayson’s seemingly unrelated article “Los Zetas: the Ruthless Army Spawned by a Mexican Drug Cartel” [http://www.fpri.org/articles/2008/05/los-zetas-ruthless-army-spawned-mexican-drug-cartel], was published on the ENotes blog of the Foreign Policy Research Institute. The article includes the following paragraphs:

“Los Zetas have set up camps in which to train recruits aged 15 to 18 years old, as well…

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