Performance Funding Is Only Increasing the Problems That It Is Ostensibly Supposed to Solve


The Community College Research Center at the Columbia University Teachers College has released a report on “Unintended Impacts of Performance Funding on Community Colleges and Universities in Three States.” The full text of this CCRC Working Paper No. 78 is available at The report’s authors are Hana Lahr, Lara Pheatt, Kevin J. Dougherty, Sosanya Jones, Rebecca S. Natow, and Vikash Reddy.

The authors interviewed administrators and faculty at three community colleges and three universities in each of three states: Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee. In all, they interviewed 222 administrators and faculty, asking “how tying a significant portion of higher education funding to student performance impacts institutions.” Ohio and Tennessee tie 80% of the state funding to performance measures, while Indiana ties just 6% of state funding to such measures.

The authors interviewed 79 administrators and faculty at the six Ohio institutions, and they discovered that all of those…

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