When You Have to Pay People to Teach and to Read a Book: A Bank Chairman’s Deep-Pocketed Promotion of Atlas Shrugged


In my previous post, I discussed James McNair’s article on the proposed multi-million-dollar gift by Koch Foundation and Poppa John’s CEO John Schnatter to the University of Louisville [http://kycir.org/2014/12/09/university-of-louisville-set-to-get-millions-from-charles-koch-foundation-and-papa-johns-ceo/].

That article includes the following paragraph:

“The Koch-Schnatter gift would not be the first to expand free-markets instruction at the University of Louisville. Six years ago, BB&T Bank gave the university $1 million to bankroll a professorship in free enterprise and a new course, then called ‘The Moral Foundations of Capitalism,’ drawing in part from the philosophy of novelist Ayn Rand. The course is now called ‘Capitalism and Economic Freedom.’ Students in the class receive a free copy of Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged.”

The second link in that paragraph is to an article written by Elizabeth Kramer for WFPL News, “Grants Get Ayn Rand’s Ideas into Kentucky Universities.” The article was published in November 2009; so, the…

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