More on President Obama’s Proposal to Provide “Free” Community College


Two recent posts to Diane Ravitch’s blog have provided links to responses to President Obama’s proposal to provide free community college.

The first item is “The Trojan Horse of ‘Free’ Community College,” an op-ed published at Truthout []. It is written by Adam Bessie, a faculty member at a California community college whose personal blog is called Automated Teaching Machine: The Writing of Human Educator Adam Bessie []

Bessie begins by providing some historical perspective, emphasizing that for most of their history California’s community colleges provided free education to whoever wished to enroll and for a long time provided a model for the community-college systems in other states. The idea was that the open opportunity to enroll at a community college was a major mechanism for insuring an educated workforce, broadly based economic opportunity, and prosperous, dynamic communities.

Bessie writes: “I worry that ‘free’ college may…

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