Why a White Guy Doesn’t Want to Belong to a “White” Group


This post is an addendum to Aaron Barlow’s post on the attacks on Prof. Bebout’s course on “Whiteness,” a post which you should probably read before reading the rest of this post, especially if you are unfamiliar with the controversy.

The most obvious irony is, of course, that this sort of virulent response to Prof. Bebout’s course serves to illustrate very pointedly why the course is needed.

It should be very obvious that, whatever his critiques of “Whiteness” may be, Prof. Bebout is not engaging in the sort of unapologetically hateful rhetoric and self-aggrandizing public posturing that these Far Right groups, and their media enablers, are employing in a very obvious effort to being attention to themselves and to intimidate other viewpoints into silence. And, let’s be clear, they aren’t at all interested in what Bebout actually has to present or to say on the topic.  Furthermore, beyond using the…

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