Perhaps, “Digital Learning Day” Came and Went without Your Noticing, Too


As far as I can determine, Digital Learning Day is an invention of Arne Duncan’s Department of Education. Whether appropriately or ironically, or both, it occurred on Friday, March 13.

If you go to the section of the Department of Education website devoted to this special day [], you will find links to Online Resources, Digital Tools, and Interactive Lessons, some of which are actually not objectionable and even potentially helpful.

For example, on the pages for the online resources, there are some free and rich resources mixed in among what amount to advertisements for corporate educational software providers:

All Online Resources 1

All Online Resources 2

All Online Resources 3

All Online Resources 4

All Online Resources 5

All Online Resources 6

The bent of this Department of Education is, however, much more pronounced in the sections for Fact Sheets and Briefs, Research and Policy Papers, and Policy Recommendations, in which even the titles expose the abdication to the jargon of education technology and to the educational technocrats. Consider the pages…

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