Where’s Putin?


In a variation off of the Today Show’s annual segment “Where in the World Is Matt Lauer?”, which is itself a take-off on the children’s game-book series Where’s Waldo?, Vladimir Putin disappeared from public view for about a week.

NBC News almost playfully asked in its headline: “Where in the World is Russian President Vladimir Putin?”

In its headline, the New York Times observed more wryly: “Putin Has Vanished, but Rumors Are Popping Up Everywhere.”

And the Far Right media predictably went haywire. World Net Daily was typical in asking in its headline: “Is Putin Dead?”

Finally, the Daily Beast reported that media sources in Italy and Switzerland were making competing claims that Putin had accompanied his much younger lover to an upscale clinic for the birth of their child. I would like to give the Daily Beast credit for bringing a reportorial dignity to the story, but…

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