The Presumption of the Technocrats


Writing for New Republic, Blaine Grateman has written a very perceptive review of Kevin Carey’s The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere. Carey is a propagandist for the technocracy, that new class of the ultra-wealthy characterized by its unflinching willingness to promote digital technologies as an unmitigated blessing, as the solution to every problem, and, not coincidentally, as a seemingly bottomless well of corporate profits and personal wealth. The technocrats blithely ignore the destructive consequences of our rapid adoption of digital technologies—the problems that have been created in chasing after digital solutions—and they have demonstrated repeatedly that they are very willing to exaggerate or to exacerbate problems to expedite the adoption of digital solutions. Case in point, the United States still has, by every measure, the strongest system of higher education in the world, and yet if you read the articles and…

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