Notions of Privilege and Basic American Values


Aaron Barlow’s post today concerns legislation proposed in North Carolina that will uniformly increase teaching loads at all public universities to four courses per semester.

I might look at this kind of legislation somewhat differently if the Far Right was interested in funding public higher education at any reasonable level and some legislators were, in however misguided a manner, simply trying to insure that the taxpayers were getting their money’s worth.

But, in just about every state in which it controls the legislature, the Far Right has been relentlessly gutting state support for public education at all levels. Even in Ohio, where the cuts have recently abated somewhat, the “increased” spending that Governor Kasich has announced as budget targets will not actually restore even the subsidies that have been cut since he took office.

And so this proposed legislation in North Carolina, and other bills like it elsewhere, is hypocritical…

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