A Real Numbers-Cruncher Weighs in on the Campos Article


Rudy Fichtenbaum has sent me the following statistical analysis in response to the assertions made by Campos in the article in the New York Times and as a follow-up to my own post on that article.

I don’t think that anything that Rudy points out in this analysis substantially contradicts anything that I have asserted in my own post, but where there are any inconsistencies, I will gladly defer to his data and to his analysis.


Here is some more data to further refute the claims in the Campos article in the New York Times.

The following Excel spreadsheet, along with the graphs representing the data in the spreadsheet, show state support for higher education per student, which is the way to compare state support with tuition.

State Support for Higher Ed and Tuition

Allocation of Emplotees Graph 1

Allocation of Emplotees Graph 2

State Support and Tuition

Just talking about the absolute inflation adjusted state support is very misleading because it doesn’t take into account the increase in the number of students…

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