Income Inequality–among Universities


Moody’s has just released a report indicating that just ten universities control over 30% of the total institutional wealth in higher education.

The first number in brackets is the previous year’s total; so it is very clear that, here as elsewhere, the rich are now getting much richer one year to the next.

The second number in brackets is the endowment per student, which demonstrates that most of the elite private universities have much higher endowments in proportion to their fixed expenses than the elite public universities.

1. Harvard University — $42.8 Billion [35.8 Billion] [$1,709]

2. University of Texas System — $36.7 Billion [$25.4 Billion] [$118]

3. Stanford University — $31.6 Billion [$21.4 Billion] [$1,351]

4. University of California — $28.6 Billion [NA] [NA]

5. Yale University — $25.4 Billion [$23.9 Billion] [$1,955]

6. Princeton University — $21.3 Billion [$20.9 Billion] [$2,621]

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology — $15.2 Billion [$12.4 Billion]…

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