A Response to an Op-Ed by BGSU President Mary Ellen Mazey


Mary Ellen Mazey, the President of Bowling Green State University, recently contributed an op-ed to the Toledo Blade. The op-ed is titled “Affordable Higher Education Is Key to Ohio’s Future.”

In the op-ed, President Mazey addresses several realities that have been repeatedly highlighted over the last quarter century—that is, for as long as I have been a faculty member at Wright State University:

1. Ohio is still a major manufacturing state, but labor-intensive manufacturing has been in decline since the 1980s. The jobs of the future—even the near future–will be in sectors such as “advanced services, technology, and advanced manufacturing.” (When I first came to Ohio, agriculture and mining were included with manufacturing in any discussion of the economic mainstays of the state. The expansion of fracking operations has made up for some of the extended and extensive job losses in coal mining, but mining is no longer the major source…

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