Update on Axact, the Pakistani “Diploma Mill”


The New York Times has run a follow-up to its investigative report on the business practices of Axact, a Pakistani corporation that has advertised itself as the “largest software exporter” in the country but that has generated millions in annual revenues by selling diplomas and degrees from several hundred elite-sounding secondary schools and postsecondary institutions that have no existence beyond their thinly contrived websites.

The follow-up article, written by Saba Imtiaz and Declan Walsh, is titled “Pakistani Investigators Raid Offices of Axact, Fake Diploma Company,” and it is available online at: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/20/world/asia/pakistani-investigators-raid-offices-of-axact-fake-diploma-company.html.

It might seem that the Pakistani government was so embarrassed by the report in the Times that that embarrassment outweighed whatever political influence Axact has been able to buy. But Axact has also been developing a television station that would compete with the existing major networks in Pakistan. Those other media companies have piled onto the Times report…

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