Ohio Student Association Testimony before the Ohio Senate on Student Debt: Part 1


Testimony before the Senate Finance Subcommittee on Higher Education

Presented by Rachael Collyer

May 19th, 2015

Honorable Chairman Gardner and members of the committee,

My name is Rachael Collyer and I address you today both as a student with a personal stake in the issue and also as an educational justice organizer with the Ohio Student Association. The Ohio Student Association builds grassroots political power to elevate the voices of Ohio’s youth. We are currently active at six universities and in two cities;  we organize and advocate on issues that affect young people; and we engage thousands of young people in the political process. In 2014, we engaged 25,000 young voters in face-to-face conversations. We are the most powerful organization of young people in Ohio. And the student debt crisis is without a doubt one of the most pervasive, urgent, and dire issues facing Ohio’s young people today.

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