Higher Ed Salaries According to Forbes: Or, a Lesson in How Averages Depend on What One Is Averaging


Forbes has just published an article by Kathryn Dill titled “The Ten Best- and Worst-Paying Education Jobs.”

Here is the explanation of the methodology: “To determine the Best- And Worst-Paying Education Jobs, Forbes consulted the most recent Occupational Employment and Wages data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which reflects May 2014 salary and employment data, and focused on Education, Training, and Library Occupations, plus education-related jobs in several other categories as well.” The “averages” are “means.”

According to the article, eight of the ten highest paying jobs are faculty positions. The other two are K-12 administrators and postsecondary administrators.

But, get this, college and university administrators rank only sixth on the list. Dill reports that the average salary for the 131,070 higher-ed administrators included in the survey is only $101,910.

Dill does acknowledge that the salaries can vary considerably from state to state.

But what she does not acknowledge is that the…

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