Peeling Back Still More Layers of the Scams Perpetuated by and through the Online For-Profit Universities


David Dayan’s article “’Chipping Away At My Soul’: Insiders Detail The Decline And Fall Of Corinthian’s For-Profit College Empire” was the lead item in yesterday’s HuffPost College daily newsletter.

If you have been following the coverage of the rise and fall on the online for-profit universities, the article does not contain a great deal of information that is startling, or even new.

That said, Dayan’s article does include a few details that are very revealing.

Indeed, the following paragraph is a very succinct summary of the information most critical to a full understanding this whole boondoggle: “The goal was simple: profits. Smaller chains like Lincoln Tech or DeVry used to dominate the for-profit college industry. But toward the end of the last decade, larger, publicly traded companies took over. By 2009, three-quarters of all U.S. students enrolled in for-profit colleges were at schools owned by a corporate conglomerate or private…

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