Trying to Do the Right Thing on Sexual Assaults May Be Tantamount to Trying to Do the Impossible


Barnard College has been in the news because of its decision to follow the precedents set by Mills College and Smith College and to admit transgender students who identify as female.

But a recent memo of understanding between the college and the New York Police Department will almost certainly have much broader ramifications for the students at the college.

According to an article by Conor Skelding, published by Capital, a website devoted to news stories related to New York, the MOU “governs how the police and the college will cooperate in investigating violent felonies and missing students.”

Specifically, “Barnard must report violent felonies that occur on campus and reports of missing students to the NYPD ‘in no more than twenty-four hours . . .  provided that such reporting requirement shall take into consideration applicable federal law including those laws pertaining to sexual offenses.’”

Skelding provides the following background detail:

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