Increasingly Demanding Mandates Tied to Minimal Funding


In an article for the Detroit Free-Press titled “Tough Choice? EMU Hikes Tuition, Forgoes $1M in State Aid,” David Jesse reports:

“Here’s the choice Eastern Michigan University administrators and board members say they faced as they worked to put together a budget for the upcoming school year–-get $1 million in extra state aid by staying within a tuition cap of 3.2%, or hike tuition by 7.8% and get up to $10 million in additional funds.

“On Tuesday, the Board of Regents delivered its verdict in an unanimous vote. It will cost 7.8% more to go to Eastern next school year than the year before. That’s about $25 a credit hour.”

Later in the article, Jesse notes that, “despite the increase, Eastern’s tuition would remain 13th highest out of 15 Michigan public university if the other universities didn’t go over the tuition cap.” It is a confusing sentence because it seems…

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